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    Welcome to Edu Vihaan Learning Pvt. Ltd. from the Director's Desk!

    Dear students, parents and honorary members of the affiliate schools. We are well aware that the virus outbreak has brought our lives to a standstill and social distancing is a must. The things that seemed to a part of dreams or some sci-fi movies are very real today.No matter how much time we have spent in our homes watching television or playing computer games, we mustn’t forget that real life is a very harsh place and it is getting harder by the hour.Little things like going out to play with friends, or going to schools and coaching institutions has become virtually impossible and the fear in the minds of people is going to stay for a long time to come.But we know that life must go on and most of have started to return back to jobs, in spite of the risks involved. Our most valued asset are our children and no parent or school or even the government would want any harm coming to them. So the only possible solution that remains to educate ourselves is the way of the Internet. We still believe that there is no substitute to physical classroom, but we must understand the age old saying - necessity is the mother of invention. The current situation is asking us as an intelligence species, to grow beyond our limitations and mental blockages. To create something new and beautiful and EduVihaan has listened to that calling and which is believed and follow by me!

    M K Verma 

    Founder & Managing Director

    Edu Vihaan Learning Pvt. Ltd. 

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    We have created an online / offline / hybrid learning solution that will not only replace the conventional approaches to teaching but will get exceedingly better at it. All I have to say in conclusion is that we are here to take good care of the future of this country.

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